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Turf Installation Service In Tucson

Santa Rita Landscaping proudly serves the Tucson area with landscaping needs including turf installation. Also known as artificial grass installation. From residential to commercial turf installation. Contact us today to get started and give your landscape a beautiful decorative design with synthetic grass. 

Types of property we can install synthetic grass in:

  • Residential
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Putting Greens
  • Schools
  • Sports Properties
Turf Installation with Santa Rita Landscaping

Benefits of getting turf installation in Tucson

There are actually quite a few benefits to getting turf installation for your property or business. One of the most popular reasons is the costs of watering a lawn can rack up. Especially during the dry seasons. On average people spend up to $200 per month per acre. This is not including the maintenance and repairs of the system used to keep your grass watered. Turf can actually help save 55 gallons of water for every square foot. This will cut the price tag of your water bill significantly. You will however still get the benefits of a lush green look. Not only will it save you money, but it may help your family or customers be more comfortable if they have allergies. This will give you the same look a healthy grass has without all of the allergens. This will allow those dealing with these issues breathing easier. No need for more allergy pills.

No more mowing after turf installation

Dealing with growing grass can become a chore or another bill to deal with if you pay someone to mow it. Even if you do it yourself you’ll have to be equipped with a whole plethora of tools. from mowers, edgers, sprinklers, and spreaders. With our turf installation, we’ll leave you with beautiful green natural-looking grass, minus all the maintenance. This will help you save space in your garage and most importantly save you time! On average synthetic turf can last you more than 15 years, even under heavy use. It’s virtually free of maintenance. From time to time you can give it a quick rinsing with a hose. Just to keep it clean and green! Say goodbye to backbreaking lawn care.

Synthetic grass installation job done by Santa Rita Landscaping in Tucson.

Is artificial grass pet friendly?

Many of us have pets who can take their toll on our lawns. fortunately, with modern turf, they’ve been designed to last! This is why many sports arenas tend to use turf. If they can handle dozens of athletes playing intense and physical sports, it can surely handle our pets with proper turf installation. Another big concern is if pet waste can damage your synthetic grass. The good news is, turf again is very tough. As a bonus, it’s also actually very easy to clean and even deodorize. Once you scoop up your pet’s droppings, you can use a hose to clean the fake grass off. Under the turf there will be a layer of either polyurethane or latex, this will help the water to move after hosing it down. Some pets can leave behind an odor even after cleaning. For this, there are many cleaning mixtures that are safe to use. Some even use a simple vinegar mixture. Once it all dries your turf will be clean and odor-free. Thankfully, pets are not an issue when it comes to turf. Contact Santa Rita Landscaping today to get your turf installation service done as soon as possible to enjoy these benefits!


Santa Rita Landscaping is dedicated to our clients. As designers, we are professionally trained and experienced to provide you not only with a unique design that suits your needs and budget.

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