Diverse and resilient, shrubs can add new life to your home’s landscape.  By following the proper steps for fertilization, your shrubs will stay vibrant.  Here are some fertilization techniques for shrubs:


A good way to remember a fertilization schedule for your shrubs is using the the major holidays during warm months of the year. You should fertilize on Easter, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day to keep your shrubs looking great all year round.


Make sure you select a good general purpose fertilizer. We recommend a granular fertilizer for regular use.  It is easy to use with no mixing required.  Select granular fertilizer that contains around 10% Nitrogen (N), 10% Phosphorus (P), and 10% Potassium (K), (10-10-10).  Granular Fertilizer is usually very concentrated, so make sure to follow the directions. Apply the fertilizer evenly around the plant from the trunk to the outer edge of the plant canopy.  Don’t pile it up in one spot. Granular Fertilizer dissolves slowly over time.   It is a good idea to give the plant a good watering before and after application.



Yellow leaves on a plant is a sign of poor fertilization as well as the absence of blooms on flowering shrubs, thinning of leaves, and weakened branches.  You may have to change your pruning routine for your shrubs and adjust watering as well as selecting a new fertilizer to solve these problems.

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